Sound is intrinsic to sensory knowledge. Music is a vibrant and vital expression of culture. We first experience sound and music in the womb. As we grow and evolve so does our connection with the sonic world.

Each of us develops our own unique relationship with music, be it as a listener or participant in its creation. Many paths lead to and from this bond with sound.

My path began with exceptional instruction in school music programs, private piano lessons and some well-worn LPs in my parent’s vinyl collection. Over time a burning desire to create John Williamsesque soundtracks led to my studying music with the phenomenal team of instructors at Edmonton’s Grant MacEwan Community College in the early 1980’s. This, in turn, led to earning a Bachelor of Music degree in composition from McGill University in Montreal.

Today I recognize that my 8-year old obsession with Hugo Montenegro and His Orchestra has had as much influence on my work as opportunities to attend lectures presented by Dizzy Gillespie and R. Murray Schafer, or advanced piano study with Sylvia Shadick-Taylor and, most recently, vocal work with Anna Beaumont.

Now my passion for natural soundscapes is no less heartfelt than an early student’s desire to play Beethoven’s Für Elise. Both are met with equal enthusiasm. We work and grow together, our dance with sound and music ever changing.

  • Private studio piano and music theory instructor in south east Edmonton for more than 20 years.

  • Music School Director at Millwoods Music Ltd. from 2005 – 2014.

  • Music Festival Adjudicator in piano and creative music classes throughout Alberta and BC since 2000.

  • Clinician for Contemporary Showcase Edmonton’s Young Composer Program, 2013 & 2017.

  • My Owl Friend for Voice, Piano and Clarinet. Commissioned by Contemporary Showcase Edmonton in honour of the Festival’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations. 2018

  • The Tenderfoot. Elementary Piano Solo Commissioned by the Alberta Registered Music Teacher’s Association (ARMTA) in honour of the Association’s 85th Anniversary Celebrations. 2017

  • Three Sisters. Solo piano work included on pianist Sylvia-Shadick Taylor’s CD, Expressions. 2013

  • Jazzoo, My Alberta & Small Victories – Self-published elementary piano collections created with support from The Alberta Foundation for the Arts in 2008.